Water Proofing Systems and Sealant


SYSCOAT 351 is a two part cementitious Water proofing system which on hardening provides an excellent water resistant barrier. The unique time tested formulation offers excellent resistance to both positive and negative pressures. It is based on modified mineral compounds, polymers added to special cements.


• SYSCOAT 351 provides an excellent Water Proofing membrane.
• Chloride and Sulphate free.
• Non -Toxic.
• SYSCOAT 351 has excellent flexibility.
• Can be used as a Sealing membrane in conjunction with tiles.
• Excellent adhesion to the substrate.
• Allows water vapour from the interiors of the substrate to come out. i.e Breathable.
• Suitable to store drinking water. Antifungal coating.
• Good crack bidding capacity.

Pot life30 minutes at 30 degrees centigrade.
Adhesion to ConcreteExcellent
Tensile Strength1.7 N/mm2
Crack bidding capacity1 mm
Coverage20 Sq.mtrs at the rate of 1 Kg/Sq.Mtr for 20 Kg pack

SYSCOAT 351 can be applied for Terraces, Swimming pools, Balconies, Small flat roofs, Water tanks, Sumps, Bathrooms, Retaining walls, Water proof coat for repairs.


The surface has to be clean from dust, grease, and oil. Use SYSCONS range of cleaning agents for the purpose. All crevices, holes in the substrate have to be filled up and levelled. For best results the surface should be slightly moist.


SYSCOAT 351 Part A and Part B has to added to the container & mechanical stirring has to be done. To obtain a brushable consistency about 15% (3 liters) clear water has to be added. Care should be taken to see that the coating does not exceed 1.5 Kg/m2 (1mm thickness) layer is avoided. This is because higher binder contents can provoke cracks in the system.


The combined product has to be applied at:
• For normal application like on terraces, balconies etc.      1 to 1.5 Kg/m2.
• For critical applications like in water tanks, swimming pools etc.      1.5 to 3 Kg/m2.
• In a single coat the consumption should not exceed      1.5 Kg/m2.
SYSCOAT 351 has to be followed by a plaster or screed. This system has to be cured for a period of 7 days.


Wash all the tools immediately after the use.


Tested as perASTM 109, BS 6319 for Tensile, Flexural and Compressive Strengths.


SYSCOAT 351 is Non-toxic, Non – flammable. Avoid contact with skin. If it splashes on to eyes, they have to be immediately washed with water and medical advice to be taken.


12 Months in unopened packs if kept in dry condition.


4 Kg, 8 Kg and 20 Kg Pack.


Technical information and guidance regarding SYSPLAST range of Admixtures, SYSBOND range of Epoxy, S.B.R. and Acrylic Bonding agents, SYSGROUT range of Grouts can be obtained from the technical cell of SYSCONS


Information in this Technical data sheet is to the best of our knowledge true and Accurate. However such conditions under which our products may be used or obtained beyond our control, recommendations are made without Warranty or Guarantee.